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Who escapes? Edom, Moab and Ammon as Dann states. The Exit Door at the left of the stage is thus the escape chute Scapegoats are trained to take as the Sheep head for the Shears. The Twin Towers appear on land dissolved and flooded. Again, seems to be the year. This is no coincidence and occurs the day after Bohemian Grove ends.

The American Flag is torn in 2, in this scene as well. Why ?

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He appears as the familiar, white, bearded Jesus except he has the Eye of Ra on his forehead, has an almond shaped head and appears as fire from the constellation Sirius, riding the Solar Barque of Horus. Lebanon is Phoenicia folks? The Phoenix rises from its own self immolation by fire folks! This represents the Birth of a new Race. The Triangle points down on his chin, whereas the Triangle on the Jesus type messiah points up.

The Downward Triangle is an Earth symbol. The meaning here is everyone on earth will likely see these events. Does Pope Francis know this? Shiva Dances the Dance of Destruction. Now is a superb time to do so! There are ! The final! Please take note, we are not there yet; we are nearing the start of Great Tribulation ie Rev 8. Shepherds paint the legs of their Scapegoats Red so they can see them; Sheep however cannot see Red because they are color blind; they like most of us do not realize the Shears are dead ahead; Christians are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.

Jesuits came up with our modern version of Evolution, but the Society of Jesus opposes Jesus in every sense; becoming Scapegoats. On the map, notice where the Thumbtacks are placed; are they historical or prophetical? Edom means Red. This could be an intense month for you where passions surface and your sexual self demands more expression.

The cosmic line-up in your 8 th includes the Sun, Mercury and Venus as well as asteroids Astraea and Hygeia. Your transformation this month is all about striking a balance. All the planetary meetings, angles from those in your 8 th to those in other houses have a power and a purpose. Take a close look at where the imbalances are in your life. And remember, too little or none of something is an imbalance as well as too much. Too much focus on one area to the detriment of another is an imbalance. This is your house of shared resources after all.

This applies to anything from sharing bills to chores. Or is the imbalance a power issue? Is someone else calling the shots all the time and making unilateral decisions without consulting you? Only you can say for sure what kind of imbalance needs to be corrected. This month is all about identifying this, determining what steps you need to take to correct it, and above all, taps you into your personal power so you can confidently push through changes. Be an agent for your own transformation if one is needed.

You can also be your own best negotiator when it comes to money as your 8 th rules your salary, bonuses, perks, benefits, maintenance payments etc.

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We have an unusual month this month as it is a month with no full Moon. We do however have a new Moon on the 15 th which brings with it a partial solar eclipse also in your 8 th. This is all about the passion. But please remember that eclipses initially conceal. We often have to wait to see what emerges from their shadow. This eclipse asks you to transform an area of your life by growing beyond your present experience. To do this we often have to reach deep into our personal power source as this can be challenging work.

Expect to be dealing with not just transformations but possibly the deep side of life — endings and rebirth as these too are transformations. Transformation is intense work — remember that! This points to the path ahead after your transformation cycle is complete. Travel, fun, romance and even a touch of luck surround you once more. Love could take on a cosmic, fated vibe but please be aware that Neptune can quite literally obscure or distort things. Imagine trying to see underwater. Yes, this can be a beautiful, soul-transporting transit.

But ensure you remain grounded in reality. For whatever reason, one of the main messages of this month is take your time. In a nutshell: Step into your power, this February Cancer. Passion could transform an existing situation as love takes on a cosmic, other-worldly vibe. Sealed with a kiss? Sitting on the fence? Maybe the you of last month would have gone along with that. But the you of this month? Not likely. Breath-taking aspects on the 3 rd have you looking at how your destiny is unfolding.

Mars in your 5 th angles back to Mercury in your 7 th reminding you where passion may be missing. While your ruler the Sun also in your 7 th opposes the North Node in your 1 st. Venus is also in your 7 th until the 10 th and remember, this is her ruling house in your chart. Your home or living arrangements could also be under scrutiny with your 7 th house planets making aspects to Jupiter in your 4 th.

Some of you could be looking at moving in with a partner or changing residences. And inevitability with the North Node involved. Singles could attract a new love and as this is time for commitment, why not commit to your search if you are on your own? Or if you are happy flying solo then commit to that. This is also a good time for creative self-expression as Mercury in here brings ideas and also opportunities. Are you being true to your heart?

Astrea is all about integration and balance while Hygeia represents not just healing but being in control of yourself and your destiny. Instead this month, we have a partial eclipse of the Sun at the time of the new Moon on the 15 th. As the Sun is your ruler you feel the effects of the eclipse more powerfully than most. Remember — eclipses conceal. By now you should have noticed how this works. Remember, your 7 th rules partnerships of all kinds. Including business partners, collaborators and long term friends. Others could take their relationship to the next level. Legal matters could come to a head if you are involved in those.

So expect feelings to intensify and passions to run high. This could accelerate the change or commitment process as this is your house of things that you share as well as transformation, sex and endings. The Sun and Mercury both move in to your 8 th on the same day 18 th. And whether you know it or not, you are about to astound others with this as you take a radical step which initiates a new cycle for you. Venus meets Neptune in here on the 21 st and Mercury encounters Neptune on the 25 th.

This is the point where you may go within and formulate your decisions rather than act on them. Again, remember what I said about the eclipse covering things up. New information may be revealed and if so, examine this carefully from all angles before acting. If you are worried about taking any kind of action, wait, but also remember your power source is there for you, a vast reservoir for whenever action is needed. We have nothing to fear but fear itself — remember that whenever the next step forward appears daunting. Above all, what you need to bear in mind is that this is a month where you can transcend an old problem, issue or phase and leave it behind for good.

Make a radical departure if necessary towards something different now. If you do, others will just stand back in amazement or even jealousy! Which makes it all the sweeter. In a nutshell: Time to seal the deal this month, Leo. Old problems fall away leaving you free to create a fresh future. Ruler Mercury is busy this month and of course, in full-forward form at last. Because you have some interesting asteroid action happening along with the Sun, Venus and Mercury in here. For you, this energy has a deep resonance and will just emphasise the usual themes we see cropping up when Mercury is in here.

Time to be adaptable, flexible and to bring you considerable attention to detail and truth-seeking abilities to anything you undertake now. You have asteroids Astrea and Hygeia in your 6 th and both the Sun and Mercury will meet both of them in here this month. Now, there are presently some big arguments amongst some astrologers being waged about whether one of these should in fact replace Mercury as your ruler. Astrea is linked to practical problem solving skills which fits in with your mental acumen, and also balance and integration wellbeing.

So the connection is easy to see here. Hygeia on the other hand is about health, wholeness, holistic healing and the intellect and of the two, you may find you resonate with Hygeia more strongly. The dates to watch this month are the 6 th — 14 th when the Sun and then Mercury meet Astrea and then move on to Hygeia. If rewards are due, they could now manifest as the Sun and then Mercury oppose the North Node in your 12 th. Also, the 12 th is your house of spiritual truths and psychic ability while Astrea gives us access to quantum information. You can see beyond the surface of things and probe deeper using insight and intuition like a precision tool to guide you through any decisions.

This month is highly unusual as we have no full Moon occurring. What we do have however is a solar eclipse when the new Moon occurs on the 15 th which also impacts on Uranus in your 8 th. As does Mercury. Be careful of accidents, sudden health flare ups or unexpected changes to your routine.

But does your routine need to change? Work issues could also come to the fore with unexpected problems, changes or shifts occurring. You could change to a job or discover a routine that works better for you — perhaps by accident. Could it be that any shifts — even if not initiated by you, are actually designed to set you on the path towards something better? Behind all of this — a shift has been going on and something wonderful is happening in the relationship sector of your chart now.

Venus entered this, her ruling house on the 15 th. Venus in here says love and accept every facet of you. Are you not doing something because you are worried about what others might think? Now is the time to stop. This along with your 5 th is your house of attraction. This is a wonderful time to attract a new love or to revive the magic in an existing one. All kinds of close relationships receive that extra shot of love espresso now! This includes business partnerships, close friends and activity partners.

The love that you receive back from people is increasingly important now and you need your partner to tell you they love and appreciate you. Mystical connections can be made as Venus meets Neptune in here on the 21 st and Mercury on the 25 th. Stars may seem to collide and watch who or what is drawn in to your orbit. Your romantic status is subject to change — one way or another. Just ensure that the object of your affections is all they appear to be. Yes, you could meet the love of your lives now. Ensure they really do measure up to reality before giving away your heart.

In a nutshell: Time to escape that rut, Virgo. Embrace more variety. Ruler Venus begins the month in your fabulous 5 th along with the Sun, Mercury and some fabulous asteroid action for extra sparkle. Plus you have the Sun and Mercury opposing that fated point in your chart — the North Node in your 11 th.

The Capricorn Effect – Part Two

Strange, charmed and fated encounters could feature — along with goal-getting synchronicities. This is the month of hearts and flowers and also for you, the month where Cupid or just Lady Luck could play a major role. Step out, radiate and look for opportunities — to socialise, to meet new people and to showcase your talents and skills. Remember, this is the house of fun and pleasure and you are being asked not to take life too seriously.

The time for work will so be upon you so make the most of this now. Cash-attracting aspects as Venus squares Jupiter in her ruling out could give your bank account a much-needed boost. You have major decisions looming around your home, lifestyle or long term security and you need to invest any extra money now towards this. Live in the moment but have that long term plan — that you stick to.

Not enough fun, romance and pleasure? You know too little of a good thing is probably worse than too much! Sound like you? That asteroid sparkle extends to restoring balance as the Sun meets Astraea on the 6 th and Mercury on the 12 th plus both will meet Hygeia in here. On a deep, soul-resonating level Hygeia represents healing and soul-cleansing. She brings us increased self-awareness and with that, self-empowerment and a better understanding of what it is we truly need as opposed to what we think we want.

Watch as you could experience a major shift in your priorities which result in the one thing we all need more of — happiness. Love coming in could be one effect of the partial eclipse in your 5 th on the 15 th. New Moons always bring about a fresh phase of something or a new cycle. However, with an eclipse we have to say something is covered up to be revealed later. So, take a new romance slowly — no matter how heart-starting it may be. Children, young people and creative ideas feature too. You feel the desire to express yourself and this is actually a good time to start or launch a creative venture — something that will get you noticed.

But love could leave under this eclipse — but this only usually happens if the writing has been on the wall for some time. Before the Sun and Mercury leave your 5 th you have a wonderful conjunction taking place between them on the 17 th which could deliver news which represents a total change of luck for you and represents the start of something new and exciting. The planetary shift into your 6 th of work and wellbeing begins with Venus on the 10 th.

As you know, not the best position for Venus as this is about work, duty and routine — none of which sit well with her. However, Venus in here can enhance your relationship with bosses — current and prospective, as well as your co-workers and see you bring enhanced creativity to your routine and daily tasks. Just remember, Venus looks for distraction from the mundane in here so stay focussed especially when Venus meets Neptune on the 21 st. On the one hand this can bring you inspired ideas and enhanced creative and psychic abilities. But you have Mercury entering this, his ruling house on the 20 th along with the Sun.

Just stay connected to that as Mercury also encounters Neptune on the 25 th or a momentary lapse in concentration could result in mistakes being made. Being confident, walking tall, embracing more pleasure and then being prepared to balance this all with whatever work is necessary are all part of February. This month could prove a turning point for you, Libra.

You need to go find them. You begin the month very home-focussed. Home is where the heart is. Home, your living arrangements, lifestyle, your roots, family members or even your country and where you feel you most belong, will form the basis of all your decisions as February arrives. Venus remains in your 4 th until the 10 th when she enters your magical 5 th.


Until then, time to unleash the domestic goddess or god for that matter! Make your home your temple of sensuality and pleasure. Open your pantry doors. Entertain — if not guests then yourself. Immerse yourself in your environment and fill it with delicious scents, music, art and pleasure. Mercury in here rules contracts so what better time to sign that new lease or sale agreement? Home life should become more stimulating with you perhaps inviting more people over.

Change is in the air now as you have two important asteroids also in your 4 th — Astraea and Hygeia. These two are all about balance, healing and empowerment and Ceres in your 10 th also speaks of regaining power in situations where we have been exploited or felt powerless. Our home should be our base which supports us and from which we can launch ourselves out towards life and our goals.

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If our home is insecure or toxic, then of course we cannot fulfil our potential. Hopefully you are not dealing with anything like that but as you are the sign of power, look carefully at any imbalance on the home front and know this line up gives you the ability to change it if that is what is needed now, especially with Jupiter supporting you in your 1 st. Get moving this month. The Sun in here throws a light on what we truly need to sustain ourselves. To get in touch with this may mean some time spent alone and to look at where and how you want to spend the rest of The only negative side to all this 4 th activity is that in rare cases it can bring up feelings of insecurity which can make you afraid of venturing out into the big wide world or leaving your comfort zone.

If you find this happening, please reach out and ask for help if it goes on for too long and you begin to feel life is closing in on you, rather than expanding outwards as it should. Sudden shifts in work and lifestyle which are obviously linked to your home, could occur.

Remember, eclipses conceal and later reveal. What is being brushed under the Welcome mat may emerge later. Whatever happens, your family, home or living arrangements will take precedence over all other matters now. Just remember, part of this journey has yet to unfold. The planets are now leaving your 4 th and entering your joy-packed 5 th which started on the 10 th when Venus entered here. Needless to say, single phoenixes are now entering one of the best periods of the year for attracting new love. And attraction is your keyword for the coming month ahead. Be aware now as the Sun and Mercury also head in to here together on the 18 th that you have the ability to attract what you love and also what you may actually fear.

But this is your time to be out in the world, to shine, to have fun and to bring back romance if it has been missing. Or you may channel this creative energy into a project. Just ensure you are running towards something and not running away however as Venus encounters Neptune on the 21 st with Mercury right behind on the 25 th.

Or else instead of running towards something, you are in fact running away and take refuge in escapism — anything from boxsets to extravagance, alcohol, food or even drugs. Projects and business plans could come to a successful conclusion with the results better than even you, the sign of the perpetual optimist and big dreams, imagined possible. Ruler Jupiter in your 12 th impels you to discover your higher purpose. While Mars presently in your 1 st infuses you with fire and passion when it comes to the pursuit of your goals. Mercury is in your 3 rd and this is his ruling house in your chart.

Communications, business dealings, exams, anything that involves writing, are now all favoured. You could see that interview process come to a successful conclusion or that deal signed as Mercury rules contracts. Perhaps it is time to toy no more and play for real. The Sun and Venus are also in here — Venus until the 10 th when she will bring a focus on your home, living arrangements and security. For now, Venus is all about infusing what you say with a touch of Scheherazade magic. Venus of course rules your love life and in mythology, Mercury acted as her messenger. As well as the Sun, Mercury and Venus in this house, you have two asteroids adding to your ability to express your ideas and also your emotions.

What do you need to talk about? Perhaps with someone close to you? Or have you been keeping your feelings to yourself? We all know the stereotype of candid Sagittarius with permanent foot-in-mouth disease. But people forget you have a deep, sensitive soul. Two asteroids adding to your 3 rd house line up are Astraea and Hygeia.

Hygeia is a feminine symbol of holistic health and trauma healing. She has strong links to Mercury. While Astraea is concerned with balance and justice. If you need to talk or say something to someone that needs to be said, as the Sun and then Mercury meet these two, this is your opportunity. The same goes for your commute. Do you sit with your earphones on listening to music or constantly looking at your phone?

Expand your interactions now. A book, newspaper or magazine or even you jotting down some ideas in a notebook allows others to start conversations outside your Instagram. Travel could be short in terms of duration or distance. Ensure you are being understood and double check details and the small print of anything you sign around the 15 th when we have a partial eclipse of the Sun in here at the time of the new Moon.

Now, this can bring in a new beginning. But please remember, eclipses cover up. So, if you are signing important papers — contracts, agreements etc, get professional advice if necessary before putting your name on the dotted line. Due diligence rules now. Protect your intellectual property as you could see someone try to steal your ideas. Problems with siblings or neighbours could flare up.

Ask yourself what the hurry is and again, get professional advice. However, what gets signed or agreed upon should form the basis for a new feeling of security for you. Something may need to change on the home or property front or around your living arrangements. Now, for some of you that could be the place you were born — and as this is the house of family, the family you were born into.

Others could have been on a search for that place to really call their own whether they feel it is in another town or even another country. Where do you feel you belong? Or to put it another way: if money was no object where would you feel most at home in the world? Note I am not talking about the size of your home — just the place. If moves have to be made, now is the time to think about this especially as Neptune squares Vesta in your 1 st. You are a sign not usually associated with the domestic realm but put it another way — we all need a base from which the adventures start from — and end.

Think Bilbo Baggins and his unexpected journey. The Sun and Mercury in your 4 th from the 18 th point to the fact that you could be spending more time at home over the next few weeks — or thinking about where to make that new one. Venus and then Mercury meet Neptune in here on the 21 st and 25 th respectively.

If relocations are in order, then Mars in your 1 st angles to the cosmic North Node in your 9 th pushing you just like Bilbo out onto that road if moves are necessary. Your career is also in focus as this is connected to where you live. The North Node is your guiding star here. By the time this month is over you should have a better grounding and know just where to hang that hat in the long term, Sag. In a nutshell: Luck is on your side this month so why not take a chance, Sag? Is a move for you overdue? Time to look where you heart wants to live.

And also about what price you put on your skills and even your time. Defining what you truly value and where you are unprepared to compromise, or will sacrifice for no matter what, is all part of the deal as you begin February with a money house banked-up with planetary collateral. Venus is in here and this is one of the two sectors of your chart that she rules along with your 7 th. In here, she not only enhances your money-making abilities but also along with this visit, gives you an increased appreciation of the finer things of life — art, food, wine, sensual pleasures.

This is why astrologers warn you that while Venus in here usually sees extra money coming your way, it may go out more quickly than it came in. Or you may even end up spending more than you earn simply because Venus lends herself to pleasure and extravagance. Interesting that this slogan is used by a certain well-known cosmetics company which is Venus ruled of course. However, the urge to splurge is not a given and much depends on your usual relationship to money and also what other planets may be influencing you at the time.

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Which brings us back to those values and priorities. Chances are we are now in the realm of abstract things that you value — hopefully this includes you as this is your house of self-worth. If you feel short-changed in this department, two asteroids, Hygeia and Astraea are bringing in healing and balance into the equation. You also have Mars in your 12 th acting like a bit of a psychic detective angling to Mercury at the start of the month, revealing barriers between you and abundance that you may not even know existed.

Mars adds a fearless touch enabling you to confront realities that sometimes we may ignore, and take action if necessary. Venus in your 2 nd until the 10 th of this month is all about the love. Jupiter continues to light up your 11 th of social contacts and wishes promising a big surprise with the potential to change your life during his stay in here. This month is highly unusual as we have no full Moon but two full Moons in both January and March.

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This is an extremely rare occurrence. This is when your priorities may be re-defined. Remember, eclipses cover up with something later to be revealed. This is where you can benefit from channel Mars in your 12 th if you need to.

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  • Especially if this concerns someone else and your money. Probe deeper and certainly ask questions when it comes to any financial arrangements now especially in the two days after the eclipse when the Sun and Mercury meet. Your communication devices — phones, tablets, computers or even your car will either be a source of joy or a source of frustration now.

    It is time to make changes to your routine and push ahead with study, work, business plans or written projects. Travel especially for your work in favoured as is increased contact with your neighbours, community or siblings if you have them. A significant piece of news could arrive or deals can be done as Mercury facilitates this with Saturn on the 21 st.

    This could be something you have been working towards for some time coming to fruition. Both Venus and Mercury are set to meet Neptune in here on the 21 st and 25 th respectively. You can now reach for a amazing ability to articulate your ideas and access a new level of intuition, creativity and insight that you would normally be unable to reach. Romance may take on a true spiritual connection.

    Your psychic radar is set to high frequency. This is how this transit can manifest at its highest level. With a grounding aspect between the Sun and ruler Saturn on the 25 th , you can channel the positive influence of this transit without falling into the kind of illusion Neptune can often weave for us — either getting lost in daydreams or the realms of imagination — especially when it comes to relationships. As usual with you, Capricorn — aim for the top of the mountain but keep your feet firmly on the ground.

    In a nutshell: A key project or negotiation could deliver exactly the result you wanted, Capricorn. February sees you bring ideas of love — and success, down to earth. Our birthday season is always about new beginnings and above all, about US. The Sun in our 1 st house literally illuminates us. Think about your birthchart. Perhaps you know your rising sign which of course, may or may not be your sun sign. Your chart is a wheel divided into 12 sections. So, looked at another way, the world, the solar system and in fact, the universe really DOES revolve around us the moment we are born.

    And we can say we get this gift again, once every year at the time of our birthday or solar return. We get to recreate all the potential contained in our charts again. Your sign is packed to capacity with planets who have gift-wrapped some extra special influences with which to shape the next 12 months. The time when you can bring your future or the future you into the present. As well as the Sun, Mercury and Venus are also in your sign along with two asteroids — Astraea and Hygeia.

    The message is: do not be your old self. So express those new thoughts and ideas. With Venus in your 1 st , this could mark the start of a soul growth relationship or just see an existing one taken to another level. But what happens in your external relationships is a reflection of an inner shift you have already made. Astraea gives you the ability to regain balance where it has been lost, and this could be around how you see yourself.

    http://gelatocottage.sg/includes/2020-02-24/654.php Are you your own best friend or your own worst critic? Hygeia rules amongst other things, holistic healing. Love all the facets that make up the unique soul you are. And that includes those things you may actually consider less loveable but are parts of you nonetheless. In the shadows or what you may see as faults, lies your power and your strength. Own it all now. This is your time to shine, to express yourself and to party after all!

    February 14 sees Mercury conjunct Hygeia in your 1 st. While a little self-love goes a long way, this day sees you able to express your feelings freely injecting some healing love into the soul of your relationships. Plus Venus moves out of your 1 st on the 10 th and into your 2 nd which she rules. As well as shoring up your bank account and self-worth, Venus in here can bring us a new romance or just enable us to appreciate the love we already have in our lives that much more. An existing connection could be taken to the next level. The thing about gratitude is, the more we are grateful for what we have, the more we get to be grateful for.

    This month is highly unusual not just for the number of heavenly bodies in your sign but also because we have no full Moon occurring this month. You may recall January gave us two and March will also deliver another dose of Blue Moons. What we do have this month however is a partial solar eclipse when the new Moon appears in your sign on the 15 th. Remember, eclipses conceal at first with more to be revealed later.

    Accept change in all its many forms. The Sun and Mercury both enter your 2 nd on the 18 th while Venus meets Neptune in here on the 21 st. Mercury will also align with Neptune on the 25 th. Now, this can bring you truly inspired ways of increasing your income — especially when it comes to utilising your creativity and ideas. But it is important that you have a plan and that you follow through with concrete action otherwise this will all remain in the realm of ideas. Also be aware that Neptune can have us ignoring practical matters or we may not be seeing things as they really are.

    If you are going into business with someone have a proper legal agreement drawn up and do your due diligence. But if you follow these two simple rules, this could be a year where you break free of the past and create a limitless future and a bold, beautiful and brave new you. Your ability to connect to more love, joy and life is all tied to your ability to receive now. Spiritual insights and soul breakthroughs are possible thanks to more than the usual number of planets in your 12 th just prior to your birthday.

    Being the 12 th sign of the zodiac, you have a particular attunement and affinity to your 12 th house. Obviously, the exact form this takes will be different for each and every one of you. But what each of you may come away from this period of inner exploration with is likely to be the truth in the form of an answer to a question you may have. This can be anything from what should I do next? Our 12 th house is also all about the past. In other words, it can tell us a lot about where you were before and where you are going next. But is also rules the past in this life too.

    So, with three planets Sun, Mercury, Venus in here as well as two asteroids Astraea and Hygeia , the past is likely to appear in some form. This can just be memories surfacing to be re-framed and healed Hygeia in particular is concerned with holistic healing , to people from your past reappearing. Just bear in mind if it is the latter, that you are on the cusp of a new cycle and the past can sometimes be a trap. Not sure?


    This is one of those times where if you ask for answers you will receive them. Wisdom, intuition and creativity are your personal magic all month long, Pisces. To use in your own highly individual way. This especially applies to health and yes, work matters, as the Sun and Mercury in your 12 th oppose the karmically-charged North Node and also Ceres in your 6 th. And now have the ability to direct your future if you now want something different.

    Mars is in your career sector while Jupiter occupies his ruling house in your chart 9 th. So as the planets in your 12 th impact on both, you could act like Jeff Bezos one minute, and a Himalayan hermit the next. Give yourself permission to do whatever feels right for you at the time and by listening to your higher self, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish both in the outer world and on an inner level.

    Sunday, September 1 will form part of Labor Day weekend in the US, a popular holiday to travel for a long weekend, so if you find you will be on the road, the spontaneity of the day may catch you by surprise and leave you as happy as a little puppy in clover. The big headline news is that five little heavenly bodies will be lined up in Virgo from the very minute you enter September, and all are very excited to see you. The magnificent new moon, along with her loving partner, the Sun, is hosting a party for you, and the guests are quite a celebrity group.

    They include stunningly beautiful, red-carpet-ready Venus, her lover, macho warrior and energy planet Mars, and your ruling planet, smart, talkative, witty Mercury. They dearly want to see you happy, and it shows. The new moon arrived two days before the start of this month on August 30, in Virgo at seven degrees. I am so excited about this particular new moon because there is an entire crowd of planets—this is called a crown of stars—in Virgo, your first house of personality, that will give you rare control over events. What does it mean, you might ask, to have control over events?

    You usually have to defend your proposals, but now you are being carried along by a wave, bringing you exactly where you want to be. You are in a superb position to attract love too, without doing anything special other than looking your best and having a welcoming smile as you always do. Printed on archival quality paper.